What is Foodhawkers

Throughout the year we travel the country and meet inspiring people. Their originality and creativity has to be seen. Here at Foodhawkers we want to showcase this and with your help this will be possible.

Foodhawkers will create a UK wide hub of traders, suppliers, organisers and followers, every part of the food network. Here at Foodhawkers we want to strengthen the market place and promote our much loved industry. There is so much great food out there and traders are doing such amazing things that we want to fit you all in here for people to see and follow.

There are many untouched stages of development planned within the Foodhawkers community. How would you like to see change? Be part of it, make foodhawkers part of your life.

Foodhawkers has been founded by two of the co-founders, Gareth Davies and Giles Smith. Here at Foodhawkers its time to go further.

Giles Smith
Design, recruiting, PR, B2B development, training

Gareth Davis
Design, web master, recruiting, advertising


Collectives & Hubs

Calling all collectives, food organisers, food hubs, events, pop up and food lovers. This is a free service to help you promote and advertise your business.

On these pages we will be adding the people and movements behind the food on the street and in the fields around the UK. Promoting what you do and how you do it. We have been working with Navina Bartlett and her food collective ‘StrEATS’. This is the beginning of something new. Its not just about one group but all groups together. We at Foodhawkers are providing the framework and testing ground to get this started we now look to you to get this moving.

Giles and Gareth

Manage your market

Keep your regulars in touch with who is going to be trading at your market and what they are selling each day. By registering and creating an account at Foodhawkers, you will be able to organise what is happening online. Foodhawkers gives you the ability to create your own market online application process, building a streamlined and simple to manage information system.


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The Green Bean: Festival helpers

Jobs | Offered
We will be at the best festivals this year and we are looking for helpers to come with us. Great opportunity to help and get to see some bands. Hard work, great food and outdoor living!

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Food blog

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